Support During Life’s Transitions

  • Help for Couples in Distress
  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Individuals Launching into Adulthood
  • Women and Men Facing Retirement and Aging
  • Young People Traversing the Adolescents Passage


There is no getting around it– we all go through transitions over life. Some are manageable; others are most difficult. Whether these changes are moderate or difficult, a breeze to deal with or traumatic, we all need help at times. Those of us behind Whole Hearted Psychotherapy, Jay Karant, LCSW and Jacques Gourguechon, LPC understand the complexities and very often the pain such transitions cause.

Coping with difficult life transitions often reveals developmental issues requiring compassion from your counselor and therapeutic resolution. At WHP, we understand what it’s like to have experienced abuse and trauma – the way it hangs on and drapes one in a negative fog.

Then too, emotional wounds may condition our ability to negotiate life challenges. We pick them up through childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, relationship beginnings and endings, job challenges, the losses, family changes, retirement, illness and grief, Some of us have different kinds of brains – not better or worse just different and those differences need to be respected. We know how hard it can be to cope with a disability or be casts as the “other”.

Writing, drawing and especially music are an important adjunct to talk therapy. Music speeds the process of bonding and trust between therapist and client. It softens defenses and reduces stress enabling the real work of therapy to proceed. Drawing accesses emotions and unconscious meaning. Writing in the form of structured journaling clarifies our stories and the complex feeling around them. We believe in the mind-body connection and see music, art and writing as critical means to allow integration and healing of the mind-body continuum. They promote change goals.

No matter how down you may feel, we believe that each person has certain inherent strengths and that identifying and building on these strengths fortifies you emotionally and leads to sustainable change.





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