“Music Heals and Singing Empowers”


The quote above is from the choir director and composer John Giles. How can music heal?   It opens us up emotionally.   It’s a way of telling your story when words alone are not sufficient. It can be extraordinary meaningful in therapy,  making connections to pasts.

We are not talking about elevator music — rather the music you and I grew up with. Music that is meaningful to us. Every human on the planet has music within – music fitting her/his culture and soul. Music is a core element of our identity. There are six basic song types that can help us: Friendship, Joy, Comfort, Religion and Love. Together they create the soundtrack of life. With the advances in neuroscience, it is now possible to verify our intuition about the power of music and be able to enhance that soundtrack as part of the therapy. The power of music on our brains and body is very significant. It can access hidden past memories, trigger emotions, make us feel whole again when we are lost. For some, it serves as a gateway to mindfulness. Together music and mindfulness offer relaxation and keep us in the present in a manner that reminds of the useful mantra, “that was then and this is now”

Tapping in to the music that you know – that is deep in the psyche, can challenge us, open us up and warms us. It reminds us of where we’ve been and allows us to embrace all our emotions.


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