Whole Hearted Psychotherapy offers caring, insightful therapy and effective coaching for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Men
  • Emerging adults/adolescents/family therapy
  • Seniors

Our mission is to help you achieve wellness, focus and emotionally rich relationships. WHP approaches each of our clients as a valuable and unique human being. We work with you in a collaborative fashion based on respect and earned trust. WHP therapists are committed to help our clients replace shame with courage, vulnerability and acceptance in order to achieve a rich and creative life. We approach problems from a health-based not a disease-based perspective.


Some individuals going through difficult times may need short term counseling. Sometimes just focused, empathetic listening and supportive coaching to get over a hurdle will do the job. For others, a longer therapy is helpful.  Nobody comes out of childhood unscathed.One in five Americans have some type of mental health issue during their lifetime.

If we’re lucky and have had “good enough” caretakers as children, we have the opportunity to develop to our full potential. But, so many of us carry disruptive and sometimes painful gaps into adulthood. Others carry with them the debilitating effects of trauma, facing demons daily. So may of us wrestle with what we refer to as “the selves”: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, self-hatred and self-judgment.

These conditions so often lead to behavioral and/or substance abuse. Our identity might be lost in a fog of trauma, panic, anxiety and/or depression. The collaborative therapy WHP provides its clients can help. Deep down people are strong. If motivated and supported they can heal even thrive. We help our clients identify and learn to trust their points of strength – that “Forward Edge” to use as the fulcrum to move forward.It can be hard work but an explored life – one less buffeted by an imperfect past, is a life worth living.


Stocksy_txp75c3ed96O5x000_Small_850233Being in an intimate relationship with another person  can be tough. Even essentially good relationships have troublesome periods. Couple relationships are so important – we put so much effort and hope into them– and we need them.  It makes sense to invest in their success when necessary. We see both married and unmarried couples, and people in other kinds of intimate two-person relationships. Business partners can need relationship help too at times!

WHP concentrates on helping relationships that are challenged by:

  • Faulty communications
  • Unresolved developmental issues for one or both partners
  • Inattention
  • Impulsivity
  • Financial conflicts
  • Affairs and other betrayals
  • Misplaced projection of emotions
  • Addictions


We follow the Gottman Institute Model of couples therapy. It is based on 40 years of research and offers specific principles to improve your relationship. Think how wonderful it would be to have five times the number of positive interactions as negative. Maybe its the reverse now? If criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling describe your relationship come for help. Research shows that both partners contribute to such difficulties  so don’t blame, come in together.




Men often hide their pain and have more difficulty expressing  deep emotions, fears and insecurities. They are often more reluctant than women to enter therapy. For many men, the richness and crucial emotional side of life has been culturally exorcised leaving a significant hole. Without permission and skill to embrace their emotions, men unintentionally short circuit their relationships and squander their potential for satisfying fatherhood and mentoring.We understand the demands of the business world because we’ve lived it.WHP has extensive experience in men’s work. We have thirty years of experience working with young men, middle-aged men and older men. We have helped them open up to one another, embrace their families and their communities. To see the energy and joy unfold out of anxiety, depression and regrets is truly amazing


Adolescent/Family Therapy

Portrait of happy, loving family with teenagers at home on frontWhat a challenge teenage years can be for both the teenager and parents. It’s harder to be a teen these days –more stressful, more distractions and greater temptations. Many kids in this age group cannot navigate this time alone. WHP  believes that when counseling is needed for the young person, parents also must be involved.


IMG_0504If we accept that becoming a “senior” begins at age 70, then it is a part of life that can last 20, 25 even 30 years! With sustained health, this can be a wonderfully rich time to enjoy family and tackle new pursuits. Yet, we know the later years are filled with losses and challenges that can cause emotional difficulties ranging from annoyance due to sore knees to deep grief driven by the loss of close friends, partners and spouses. Often, it is a time to ask questions about what might have been and to contemplate regrets. Seniors can suffer loneliness, anxiety and depression, especially those who live alone. Physical and mental decline can be frightening. Don’t hesitate to seek help; if not now when. The last period of your life can be a time peace and even new experiences and learning.  These years– let’s call them the wisdom years –should be a time of contentment and curiosity as we treasure friends, loved ones and community. Sometimes, you just need a little help getting there.